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Andrew Ross 'Punch' Walker
1929 - 1997
UNB BSc.Eng. (Civil) 1952

Andrew Ross 'Punch' Walker passed away in a Toronto hosiptal on Feb 13, 1997. His bequith to the University along with donations from friends and former Teammates has created the Ross 'Punch' Walker Memorial Merit Awards.

A native of Montreal, Punchy served on the Associated Alumni Council from 1989 to 1995, and was particularly active in the aera of scholarships and finances. He had been involved in the Gillan Scholars selection committee since its inception.

He founded Maritime Engineering Ltd. in Fredericton, in 1954, and was president until the company was sold in 1987. He was a philatelist, a hunter and a fisherman. During his student years at UNB Punch played football and was the star goalie for the Red Devils. He remained a supporter of the football team until it was dropped from the varsity program in 1981. Punch continued his patronage of athletics through the hockey program and could be found cheering UNB at their home games at the Aitken University Centre.

Ross 'Punch' Walker with Coach Kelly and Ken Marchant

UNB's year book Up the Hill - 1952

1952 Pic "Teeth may come and teeth may go, but I play hockey for ever." Yes, through black eyes and missing dentures, Punchy has thrilled the crowds at York Arena, both as a goalie for the Fredericton Caps and then Senior Varsity team for three years. On the football field, Punch's three years as a Bomber were climaxed this year with his history-making 90-yard dash. As a true upholder of that company, he also enlisted in the Moosehead branch of the intramural basketball league. When Punch wasn't seen driving around in Lofty's Hudson during his residence at Alex., he was probably engaged in the manufacturing business that thrived in that section. As far as clubs are concerned, he is a member of the Engineering Society, and this year made a sparkling debut in the Dramatic Society.

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Puck dropping cermony before the Ross 'Punch' Walker Memorial Game on
Sat. Jan. 22nd, 2000. UNB went on to a 7-6 Overtime victory.

L-R: UNB Acting Captain Craig Minard, Mrs Walker, UNB Athletic Director Clint Hamilton
and SMU Captain Robert MacIsaac (Photo by Rob Blanchard).

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1998/1999 Winners

L-R: Chris van Dyke, Ken Carroll and Mrs. Walker
(Photo by Rob Blanchard)
1999/2000 Winners

L-R: Ken Carroll, Mrs. Walker and Ryan Naismith
(missing Rob Hegberg). (Photo by Rob Blanchard)

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