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Group picture of Team Canada after winning gold.
Photo Credit - FISU & Trentino 2013 Host Committee (26th Winter Universiade)

AUS Players make-up Team Canada and win Gold (again)

The 2013 bi-annual World University Winter Games, also called 'Winter Universiade', was originally planned to take place in Maribor, Slovenia in late January and early February of 2013, but the Government of Slovenia overturned its decision to partially fund the project due to financial problems in February 2012 (1-year before the event). In March 2012, FISU announced Torino would host the event in mid-December of 2013, 11 months late (the same calander year, but not the same academic year).

The games ran 12 days from December 10th to 21st, 2013. The hockey competition would be comprised of three groups with the top 2 from each pool & the next best two teams advancing to the medal rounds (8 teams). There were two arenas in use, the Gianmario Scola Ice Hockey Arena (in Canazei) with a capacity of 2500 and the Municipal Ice Arena (in Cavalese) with a capacity of 1630.

This event is organized by FISU (The International Federation of University Sport), but each event follows the rules and officiating of their respecitive international bodies - in this case the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) for hockey.

In 2009 (Harbin, China), Team Canada (Canada West All-Stars) were 2nd while in 2011 (Erzurum, Turkey) Team Canada (OUA All-Stars) finished 3rd.

This marked the second gold medal for Team Canada (hockey) by an AUS Team - they also won gold the last time they went in 2007.

Date Change Impact

The date change was a 'positive' with regard to the AUS Regular Season. Rather than teams missing their top players in late January and early February (the last few games of the season and potentially the first round of the playoffs), they would now take place in December, when the league is dormant. Athletes would now have to plan for exam deferrals or not attend the event.

The date change would impact who Team Canada could take as the they would have to select players who were available for the 2013-14 season rather than the original 2012-13 season. In the case of UNB, players like Daine Todd, Colby Pridham, Dan Lacosta and Travis Fullerton would not be available as they finished their careers at the end of the 2012-13 season. Other players of note who were not available the following season; Andrew Clark (ACD), Patrick O'Keefe (SMU) and Peter DiSalvo (ACD). Despite not having these players, there was a fair amount of retention in the league and the core of the team was available in both seasons.

Coaching Change

Prior to leaving for Italy, Assistant Coach Brad Peddle stepped down and was replaced by UNB's Todd Sparks. His departure was rumored to be connected to Jason Bast, a St. FX forward, not being selected to a full (traveling) roster spot - instead, he was assigned to the 'alternate' spot and would not travel (unless there was an injury).

Location for Hockey

Alba di Canazei - elimination round for group A, B & Medal Round
 Pool 'A'
 Italy           2-0-0-1 = 6  11-07
 USA             1-1-0-1 = 5  06-07
 Latvia          1-0-1-1 = 4  09-09
 Sweden          1-0-0-2 = 2  06-09
Alba di Canazei - elimination round for group A, B & Medal Round
 Pool 'B'
 Russia          3-0-0-0 = 9  20-02
 Slovakia        1-1-0-1 = 5  15-07
 Czech Republic  1-0-1-1 = 4  15-10
 Great Britain   0-0-0-3 = 0  00-31
Cavalese - elimination round for group C
 Pool 'C'
 Kazakhstan      3-0-0-0 = 9  11-05
 Canada          2-0-0-1 = 6  25-05
 Ukraine         0-1-0-2 = 2  06-18
 Japan           0-0-1-2 = 1  05-19

Medal Round Rankings

1. Russia (Pool B Winner - 9pts)
2. Kazakhstan (Pool C Winner - 9pts)
3. Italy (Pool A Winner - 6pts)
4. Canada (Pool C Runner-up - 6pts)
5. Slovakia (Pool B Runner-up - 5pts)
6. USA (Pool A Runner-up - 5pts)
7. Latvia (Pool A Third - 4pts)
8. Czech Republic (Pool B Third - 4pts)


Training (every other day)
Dec 10-16Elimination Round for all Groups in their respective cities/arenas
Dec 17Placement for 9th to 12th (Cavalese)
Dec 18Quarter Finals (Canazei & Cavalese)
Dec 199th & 11th (Cavalese)
Placement for 5th to 8th (Canazei)
Dec 20Semi-Finals (Canazei)
5th & 8th (Cavalese)
Dec 20Finals & Bronze (Canazei)

Team Canada Schedule

   Date        Time   Opponent
============  ======  ===========================================
Tue. Dec. 10  8:00pm  Japan      W 12-0 (.pdf)
Wed. Dec. 11          day off
Thu. Dec. 12          day off
Fri. Dec. 13  8:00pm  Ukraine    W 11-0 (.pdf)
Sat. Dec. 14          day off
Sun. Dec. 15  8:00pm  Kazakhstan L  2-4 (.pdf)
Mon. Dec. 16          day off

                      - end of preliminary round -

Wed. Dec. 18  4:30pm  Q-Final (Canazei)  - (1) Russia     vs (8) Czech Republic  - (1) Russia     5-1
              8:30pm  Q-Final (Canazei)  - (3) Italy      vs (6) USA             - (6) USA        5-0
              4:00pm  Q-Final (Cavalese) - (2) Kazakhstan vs (7) Latvia          - (2) Kazakhstan 6-1
              8:00pm  Q-Final (Cavalese) - (4) Canada     vs (5) Slovakia        - (4) Canada     6-0 (.pdf)

Fri. Dec. 20  4:30pm  S-Final (Canazei)  - (1) Russia     vs (4) Canada          - (4) Canada     2-1 (.pdf)
              8:30pm  S-Final (Canazei)  - (2) Kazakhstan vs (6) USA             - (2) Kazakhstan 5-1

Sat. Dec. 21 10:30am  Bronze (Canazei)   - (1) Russia     vs (6) USA             - (1) Russia     6-2
              2:30pm  Gold (Canazei)     - (2) Kazakhstan vs (4) Canada          - (4) Canada     6-2 (.pdf)


The WUG/FISU guidelines state that each team can have a maximum of 20 players and 2 goalies. The entire team will be comprised of AUS players. There will be at least one representative from each AUS Team (8 players) leaving a maximum of 14 'open' spots. No team shall provide more then 4 players.

Position   #  Player                   University
========   == ================         ==================================
GOAL       30 Anthony Peters           Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
            1 Wayne Savage             U. of Prince Edward Island (Panthers)
DEFENCE    27 Simon Lacroix            U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
           24 Alex Wall                U. of Prince Edward Island (Panthers)
           14 Josh Day                 St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
            3 Marc-Antoine Desnoyers   U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
           18 Matthew Maione 'A'       U. of Prince Edward Island (Panthers)
            5 Christopher Owens        Acadia U. (Axemen)
            2 Michael D’Orazio         Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)

FORWARD    12 Nick MacNeil             U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
           17 Liam Heelis 'A'          Acadia U. (Axemen)
           21 Lucas Bloodoff           Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
           26 Tyler Carroll            U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
           28 Mike Cazzola             Acadia U. (Axemen)
            7 Chris Culligan 'C'       U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
           23 Chris Desousa            U. of Prince Edward Island (Panthers)
            9 Eric Faille              U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
           10 Michael Kirkpatrick      St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
            8 Rob Slaney 'A'           St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
           25 Cory Tanaka 'A'          Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
           19 Pierre Vandall           Dalhousie U. (Tigers)

ALT.          Jason Bast               St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
              Jonathan Groenheyde (G)  St. Thomas U. (Tommies)

Coaching & Support Staff

The coaching staff for Team AUS/Canada are: Head Coach:Gardiner MacDougall (UNB Head Coach)
Ass. Coach:Forbes MacPherson (UPEI)
Todd Sparks (UNB)
who replaced Brad Peddle (St.FX)
EquipmentSerge LeBlanc (Moncton)
TherapistJoe Glenn (UNB)

Team Canada also supplied one Referee - Mario Maillet (Hockey NB) and
one Linesman - Peter Sheppard (Hockey Nova Scotia).

General Manager

The general manager for Team Canada was Danny Lynch (UNB).
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