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Group picture of Team Canada after winning gold. (courtsy of Chris Larson).

AUS Players make-up Team Canada and win Gold

The 2007 bi-annual World University Winter Games, also called 'Winter Universiade', was held in the surrounding communities of the city of Torino, Italy. The games ran 10 days from January 18th to 27th, 2007. The hockey competitions would be comprised of two groups with winners advancing to the medal rounds. There were two arenas in use, the Tazoli Ice Stadium (Palasport Tazzoli - cap. 2290) and the Torre Pellice Ice Stadium (Palaghiaccio olimpico di Torre Pellice Giorgio Cotta Morandini - cap. 2370).

The medal rounds were originaly to be played at Palasport Olimpico, host rink of the XX Winter Oplympics, in 2006, but were reloated to the Torre Pellice Ice Stadium instead. As such, Team Canada remained in the same rink for the entire tournament.

This event is organized by FISU (The International Federation of University Sport), but each event follows the rules and officiating of their respecitive international bodies - in this case the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) for hockey.

In 2003 (Tarvisio, Italy), Team Canada (Canada West All-Stars) were 3rd while in 2005 (Innsbruck, Austria) Team Canada (OUA All-Stars) finished 5th.

Canada's Gold Medal was their first since 1991.

Location for Hockey

Torino - elimination round for group A
 Pool 'A'
 Kazakhstan     4-1-0 = 9  40-14
 Finland        3-1-1 = 7  37-14
 Italy          3-0-2 = 6  23-08
 Czech Republic 2-0-3 = 4  23-18
 Japan          2-0-3 = 4  21-22
 Great Britan   0-0-0 = 0  03-71
Torre Pellice - elimination round for group B & Medal Rounds
 Pool 'B'
 Canada         3-1-0 = 7  29-02
 Russia         3-1-0 = 7  19-06
 Slovakia       2-0-2 = 4  18-14
 USA            1-0-3 = 2  09-15
 Korea          0-4-0 = 0  02-40
 Sweden         withdrew        


Jan 16Training Day
Jan 18-24Elimination Round for both Groups in their respective cities/arenas
Feb 255th, 7th & 9th in Torre Pellice
Feb 26-27Semi-Finals & Finals in Torre Pellice

Team Canada Schedule

   Date        Time   Opponent
============  ======  ===========================================
Thu. Jan. 19  2:30pm  USA        W  5-0
Fri. Jan. 19          day off
Sat. Jan. 20          day off
Sun. Jan. 21  8:30pm  Korea      W 14-0
Mon. Jan. 22  8:30pm  Slovakia   W  8-0
Tue. Jan. 23          day off
Wed. Jan. 24  8:30pm  Russia     W  2-2

                      - end of preliminary round -

Thu. Jan. 25  1:30pm  A5 vs B5 -     9th     - Japan   vs Korea         Japan   5-2
              4:30pm  A4 vs B4 -     7th     - CZE     vs USA             CZE   3-0
              7:30pm  A3 vs B3 -     5th     - Itlay   vs Slovakia   Slovakia   2-1 SO

Fri. Jan. 26  4:00pm  A1 vs B2 - Semi-finals - Ukraine vs SVK        Slovakia   5-4
              8:30pm  B1 vs A2 - Semi-finals - Canada  vs FIN          Canada   2-1
Sat. Jan. 27  2:00pm                BRONZE   - KAZ     vs Russia       Russia   4-3
              6:00pm                 GOLD    - Canada  vs Russia       Canada   3-1


The WUG/FISU guidelines state that each team can have a maximum of 22 players (usually broken down as 4 complete lines and 2 goalies). The entire team will be comprised of AUS players. There will be at least one representative from each AUS Team (8 players) leaving a maximum of 14 'open' spots. No team shall provide more then 4 players.

The Team Canada entry comprised of 21 players = 2 goaltenders, 8 defencemen and 11 forwards.

Position   #  Player                University
========   == ================      ==================================
GOAL        1 Paul Drew              U. of Prince Edward Island (Panthers)
           30 Aaron Molnar           St. Thomas University (Tommies)

DEFENCE    25 Pierre André Bureau    U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
           33 Anthony Butera         St. Thomas U. (Tommies)
           14 Dustin Friesen         U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
            4 Scott Hotham           Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
           15 Louis Mandeville 'A'   U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
            2 Brandon Roach          Acadia U. (Axemen)
            7 Sam Roberts            St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
           17 Ian Turner             St. Thomas U. (Tommies)

FORWARD    16 Brandon Benedict 'C'   Acadia U. (Axemen)
           34 Darryl Boyce           U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
           20 Karl Fournier          U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
           11 Rob Hennigar           U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
            6 Pierre Luc Laprise     U. de Moncton (Les Aigles Blue)
           32 Stuart MacRae          St. Francis Xavier U. (X-Men)
           21 Kyle McAllister        St. Thomas U. (Tommies)
            8 Marc Rancourt          Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
           28 Dan Rudisuela 'A'      Saint Mary's U. (Huskies)
           10 Colin Sinclair 'C'     U. of New Brunswick (Varsity Reds)
            9 Tom Zanoski            Dalhousie U. (Tigers)

           31 John Ceci (G)         Acadia University (Axemen)

Coaching & Support Staff

Team Canada also had 3 coaches, 2 equipment staff, one therapist and one General Manager

The coaching staff for Team AUS/Canada are: Head Coach:Trevor Stienburg (SMU Head Coach)
Ass. Coach:Darren Burns (Acadia Head Coach)
Gardiner MacDougall (UNB Head Coach)
TherapistChad Newhook (SMU)
DoctorAntonio Cogliano

Team Canada also supplied one Referee - Ghislain Hebert (Hockey NB) and
one Linesman - Matt MacPherson (Hockey Nova Scotia).

General Manager

The general manager for Team Canada was Chris Larson from Halifax.
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