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Due to travel restirctions set-out by the NCAA for international tours, D1 Hockey programs do not visit Canada very often. The following are the NCAA teams that have visited and played UNB.


Boston University (Terriers)

The first NCAA team to visit Fredericton was Boston University in ... 1950s?

There last visit was in the Fall of 1967 at the 2nd UNB Invitational, defating UNB 13-3 in the finals.


UMaine (Black Bears)

(1979) - In the Fall of 1979, UNB played Maine in a two-game home-away series with game one in St. Stephen and the second in Presc Isle. UNB tied 3-3 in game one and lost 6-5 OT in game two.

(1980) - They repeated the same two-game showdown the next season but flipped the order of the games. UNB lost 7-6 in OT in Presc Isle and lost game two in St. Stephen 4-3.

(1983) - In the Fall of 1983, UNB hosted Maine for the first time at the AUC - winning 8-6. This was probably UNB's strongest team in 20 years - finishing 1st with a record of 21-3-0. UNB would go onto win the AUAA title in 2 straight games over UdeM.

(2008) - In the Fall of 2008, UNB hosted Maine for a two-game Fall Classic series. Maine won game one 5-4 while UNB won game two 7-6 in a Shootout (to save time, overtime was skipped and they went directly to a shoot).


Union College (Dutchmen)

(1993) - Prior to visiting Fredericton, UNB played Union in a tournament hosted by Concordia during the Christmas break of '93. UNB lost 6-2.

(2007) - Union College was invited to the 3rd Pete Kelly Cup, December 2007, along with Acadia & St. Thomas. To guarentee at least one game vs Union, UNB played a pre-tournament exhibition game on December 28th. Each team played their first game of the tournment on the 29th; UNB played Acadia and Union played St. Thomas. UNB and Union won their respective games and met in the finals on the 30th. UNB won 8-3.


Boston College (Eagles)

(2008) - Following on the footsteps of Union, BC was UNB's invited guest for the 2008 Pete Kelly Cup. UNB won game one 5-3, but lost game two 4-2. UNB won the shootout after game two to win the tournament 8 goals to 7.

Providence (Friers)

(2010) - In the 6th Pete Kelly Cup, December 2010, UNB hosted Providence in a two-game series. UNB won game one 3-1, but lost the second game 1-0. UNB would win the series 3 goals to 2.

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