UNB Hockey's All Decade Teams

Top (l-r): 2011 & 12 Tournamnet Logo, 60's; 1964 team picture with P. Kelly (L) & B. MacGillivary (R), 70s; Aitken Centre with B. MacGillivary (L) & D. MacAdam (R)
Bottom (l-r): 80s; Mark Jeffrey in action with D. MacAdam (L) & D. MacLean (R), 90s; Victory picture '98 with M. Johnston (L) & M. Kelly (R),
2Ks, Victory picture '09 with T. Collan (L) & Gardiner MacDougall (R)

In the summer of 2010, UNB Head Coach Gardnier MacDougall wanted to engage the alumni over the next two seasons encompasing the next two University Cups hosted by UNB (UCup 49 & 50 - 2011 & 2012). One of his ideas was announcing All-Decade teams for each decade from the 60s to the 2K's. A committee was created to oversee the process, research candidates and to engage the public in an online vote. The first year would see two decades announced; the 60s and the 90s followed by the 70s, 80s & 2Ks in year two.

The main committee comprised:
- Dave Kilfoil, (Chairman) AUS & UNB Hockey broadcaster for CHSR
- Gardiner MacDougall, head coach - UNB Hockey
- Ernie Fitzsimmons, local hockey historian and board member of the SIHR
- Bill Hunt, sports reporter - The Daily Gleaner
- Bruce Hallihan, sports reporter - The Daily Gleaner
- Dave Ritchie, former sports editor - The Daily Gleaner & play-by-play broadcaster for UNB Hockey for CHSR
- Eric Drummie, UNB Hockey historian and website owner of WWW.VREDSHOCKEY.COM

The committee also had invited guests who provided valuable input for particular decades
- (60's) Richard Clark
- (70's) Don MacAdam
- (80's) Don MacAdam
- (90's) Mike Johnston
- (90's) Ken Critchley
- (2K's) Ken Critchley

A list of the top 24 players (12 forwards, 8 defensemen & 4 goalies) was assembled by myself (Eric) and circulated to the committee members and published on WWW.VREDSHOCKEY.COM for the public to vote on. The selections by the committee were merged with those of the general public to determine the top 10.

A set of wall-sized plaques, outside UNB's dressing room, displays each decade's winners. Each member of the All-Decade team received a plaque from the department recognizing their selection.

The All-Decade teams plaques displayed outside UNB's dressing room.

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