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The Start

I first created web pages for the hockey team as early as 1992 when the internet was just getting started. It was just a few pages at first: Home page, schedule and roster that UNB's Computing Services allowed me to store on UNB's web server. It remained this way for a number of years.


As the internet matured, so did corporate and institution websites. My content on UNB's server was now at odds with the developing Athletics Department website (a different look and feel), so in the fall of 1997 I purchased WWW.VREDSHOCKEY.COM and moved my content over to avoid any conflicts.

The idea of an online alumni database was created after I assist Nathan McFadden in creating a published book of alumni (see below). I had created a number of scripts to clean-up DBase III output for that project and realized that it would be little effort to rework these scripts to output the data into HTML pages - the online database came out in 2000-01. In 2003 I was asked to updated the Alumni booklet for the Athletics Department as a gift to all visiting alumni to UNB that March for UNB's first hosting of the University Cup (UCup 41 & 42, 2003 & 2004). Soon after I updated the online version with updates and changes made from researching the booklet. The Alumni Database continues to reside in DBase III today (yeah - I know it's old, but it works just fine).

Around 2007, I took on the project of documenting all of UNB's game results. This became the ground work for ReDSea - Results Database by Season which I published in 2009 as a MySQL database with php scripted pages. This was made possible through the generious assistnace of Jack Drover, Mt. A's Athletic Director (former UNB Red Devil and former Mt. A Men's Hockey Coach). He was kind enough to loan me all of his AUAA year-end hockey summary reports for his lengthy tenure as Mt. A's coach. These summary reports included the results of each game and a breakdown of each team's stats which provided me with over 20 years of results. I have continually worked on extended the RedSea database to include more seasons each year. This has been a very successful project in providing the team, depratment and media with a searchable tool to find past results, streaks and match-ups related to UNB Hockey.

In 2011-12 I worked with Dave Kilfoil and a selections committee to determine the All-Decade teams for UNB Hockey. I created a web page, as part of my site, to allow fans to vote for their favorite alumni. Once the votes and committee's selections were merged together, the top 10 were determined. The All-Decade teams were announced over both University Cup tournaments with the 60s & 90s in 2011 and the 70s, 80s & 2Ks in 2012.

In 2015 I created a CIS Top 10 Repository site which lists the Top 10 results for CIS Hockey going back to the early 80s into a searchable database. This site provides the same reports the CIS provides, but are dynamically created and updated automatically with each new week's results.

Most recently I have updated the site with a cleaner 'look & feel' incorporating new CSS Style features not available 20 years ago. This new layout presents a 'polished' look and better organizes all of my content.


Alumni Database

I helped Karl Taylor (BPE UNB-95) with a 4th year graduation project that became the 'base' for the Alumni Database. He wanted to create a database of UNB players and their stats for each season they played. I helped create some simply data entry screens with DBase III he could use and some reporting screens to summarize his results.

A year later another UNB Phys.Ed student, Nathan MacFadden BPE UNB-96, extended Karl's database by addeding players from as far back as the 40s, added Coaching stats along with some missing years and expanded the reporting capabilities. This became the core of a published booklet of UNB Hockey Alumni.

Hard Copy Alumni Booklet

The publication UNB Hockey: A Tradition of Excellence (Regular Season Statistics and History (1946-96) can be found at the Harriet Irving Library, on the Fredericton Campus, of the University of New Brunswick.

Call Number: GV848 .U5 M35 1997 (H.I.L. Special Archives)

UNB Hockey: A Tradition of Excellence 1997 University of New Brunswick Athletics & University of New Brunswick Board of Governors.

"The content in this publication is intended for public interest. It may be reprinted in whole or in part as long as proper credit is given."

History of Hockey in Fredericton

I draw on a resource of four(4) books worth mentioning here; The History of Hockey in Fredericton by Ernie Fitzsimmons. Ernie is key member of the SIHR - Society of International Hockey Research as well as the former statistician of the Fredericton Express (AHL) and Fredericton Canadians (AHL). These four books are a valuable tool in researching any level of hockey in Fredericton (I even made the 4th book for my lone season with the FYHA Juv. 'AAA' Capitals).

Part 1 - 1895 to 1945 | Part 2 - 1946 to 1969 | Part 3 - 1970 to 1981 | Part 4 - 1982 to 1999

You can purchase these publications directly from the author

Ernie Fitzsimmons
address: 821 Hanson, Fredericton
phone: (506) 454-1719


Trius Group of Companies
address: 70 Trius Drive (810 Hanwell Road)
phone: (506) 459-7300


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