Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #9

Wenesday January 24th vs STU Tommies
UNB Loses 6-3
Coaches: Gardiner MacDougall (UNB) & Derryl Smith (STU)

Game Recap

STU openned and closed the scoring in this game that saw both Daryl Rivers and Darren Shakatko ejected with Game Misconducts. Craig Minard, the Mark Jeffrey Memorial Award recipeint, and the remaining defencemen couldn't work hard enough to hold back the Tommies.

Greg Hewitt stopped 41 shots on the way to the vicotry and Dustin Virag scored twice and assisted the winner. Referee Darren Dunnett called a close game that saw both teams have a number of power play opportunties. STU was able to convert more of their chances (4-7) while UNB hit mostly road blocks on theirs (3-14). UNB's 3 goals were all 5-3 situations.

The whole game started out on a different note - at 1:45 a 2-on-1 for STU, against UNB defenceman Daryl Rivers, resulted in an offside call, but Jason Sands took a shot at the net and UNB goalie Gene Chiarello. Daryl scuffled with Sands after the shot which brought Mike Hanson into the scene. In the end Daryl was charged with a high sticking minor, a fighting major (game misconduct) and an instigation minor while Hanson only recieved a 5 minute major for boarding (no ejection). No sooner had the penalties expired when Darren Shakatko was charged with checking from behind on STU's Jeff Dewer and he was gone. This put a strain on the remaining D for UNB.

UNB tried to get back into the game in the second, outshooting STU 19-8. They were able to cut STU's lead to one on goals by Ryan Walsh and Adam Redmond. Sandwitched between UNB's goal was a powerplay goal by Virag.

With the game still in arm's reach for UNB in the third (2-3), Gene came out of the net to play a dumped puck while UNB was shorted handed. Justin Virag was able to block Gene's clearing attempt and pass the puck over to winger Jason Sands who had an easy open net for STU's forth goal - the eventual game winner.

"Five-on-three we seemed to be clicking, but maybe we didn't work hard enough five-on-four," said Minard, still in his hockey gear 20 minutes after the game was over. "I think we expected more things to happen. We weren't making things happen five-on-four, and that's why we got into trouble."

Reds' coach Gardiner MacDougall was predictably disappointed.

"It was a special teams night all around, but I thought we gained some momentum in the second period," he said. "We had them right where we wanted them going into the third."
"In the first two periods, I thought Greg Hewitt was outstanding. In the third, we just didn't compete the way we have to in third periods in a crucial game like this. We have to be better than that in the third. In the first 10 minutes of the first, and in the second, we had some opportunities. We had the shots, but we didn't have the edge to beat a goaltender like Hewitt."

"Not pretty but effective" written by Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score
First Period
1. STU, Virag (Rioux, Sands) 6:43
2. STU, Tiveron (Lightbody, Welch) 15:30
Proskurnicki-STU (cross-check) 0:44, Hanson-STU (boarding major)/Rivers-UNB (highstick , instigating, fighting major, game misconduct) 1:45, Dewer-STU (highstick) 2:37, Lightbody-STU (cross-check) 4:17, Shakatko-UNB (checking from behind major, game misconduct) 5:35, Knight-STU (hooking) 7:17, Cation-STU (roughing)/Demers-UNB (slash) 8:26
Second Period
3. UNB, Wlash (Stewart, Demers) 6:41 (pp)
4. STU, Virag (O'Leary, Sands) 12:38 (pp)
5. UNB, Redmond (Walsh, Demers) 15:17 (pp)
Hanson-STU/Geris-UNB (roughing) 2:09, Campbell-STU (slashing) 3:06, Hanson-STU (roughing) 5:31, Tiveron-STU (trip) 6:21, Knight-STU (trip) 8:54, R.Hegberg-UNB (roughing) 10:45, Virag-STU (hook) 14:34, Hanson-STU (highstick) 15:07, Redmond-UNB (roughing) 18:30, Rioux-STU/Alexander-UNB (roughing) 20:00
Third Period
6. STU, Sands (Virag) 6:42
7. STU, Campbell (Turyk, Dewer) 15:54
8. UNB, J.Hegberg (Stewart, Walsh)
9. STU, Tiveron (Blakeley, Lightbody)
Cation-STU (highstick) 3:52, Walsh-UNB (ineligable player) 5:40, McArthur-UNB (slashing) 7:46, Geris-UNB (interference) 10:02, Cation-STU (trip) 12:32, Stewart-UNB (hold) 14:04, Welch-STU (interference) 18:30
Shots on Goal
STU 13 8 13 = 34
UNB 15 19 10 = 44
UNB, Gene Chiarello
STU, Greg Hewitt
Referee: Darren Dunnett
Linesmen: Tim Blizzard, Thayer Doyle

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