Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #8

Wenesday February 9th vs STU Tommies
UNB Loses 6-4
Coaches: Tom Coolen (UNB) & Derryl Smith (STU)

Game Recap

STU openned the scoring and matched every goal UNB could find. UNB's undoing was STU's new Christmas addition of Andrew Proskurnicki. The Six-foot-three, 210-pound forward made an impact in this last meeting between both teams. A goal in the first period and 2 more in the second gave Andrew the hat trick and helped STU win each period.

STU's three straight goals,on 18 shots, in the middle of the second period ended the game for UNB. UNB tried to keep pace with two goals of thier own from Colin Beardsmore and Ryan Walsh.

UNB had the chance to take control of the game in the first with 6 powerplay opportunites, but they were only able to convert one of these, a goal by Peter MacKellar.

"We did not play well...we were sloppy in our own zone and sloppy moving the puck," Coolen said. "I wasn't very impressed with the game. The effort is always there, but I'm not very pleased with how we played. Overall, I thought we made a lot poor decisions. Tonight, I thought we went brain dead at times."

"It wasn't that much of a physical game, but it was tiring," Rivers said. "they kept coming at us and at us. They're a team that forechecks hard all the time, and no matter what line it is, they're always in there hitting you and finishing their checks. I think that was the difference tonight, in our D zone coverage and guys making bad decisions. They weren't goals that were tic-tac-toe...they were no brainers. And that's not right for this time of the season."

"Large Tommies' effort" written by Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score
First Period
1. STU, Reynolds (Dewar, Miller) 2:52
2. UNB, MacKellar (Beardsmore, Rivers) 7:11 (pp)
3. STU, Proskurnicki (Tiveron) 13:17 (pp)
Reynolds-STU (cross-check) 4:06, Dewar-STU (crosschecking) 6:01, Walsh-UNB (slashing) 9:43, Shakotko-UNB (cross-check) 11:24, Tiveron-STU (holding) 13:42, Hanson-STU (elbowing) 14:17, Sands-STU (highstick) 15:46, Hegberg-UNB (hook) 17:00, Virag-STU (goaltender interference) 19:09
Second Period
4. UNB, Beardsmore (McArthur) 0:53
5. STU, Proskurnicki (Johnson) 1:16
6. STU, Miller (Johnson) 6:53
7. STU, Proskurnicki (Sands, O'Leary) 7:36
8. UNB, Walsh (Minard) 19:26 (pp)
Demers-UNB (tripping) 0:19, Proskurnicki-STU (roughing) 10:31, Stewart-UNB (cross-check) 15:48, Hanson-STU (hooking) 17:21, Proskurnicki-STU (roughing) 17:48
Third Period
9. UNB, Soke (Beardsmore) 1:19
10. STU, Dewer (Reynolds, Lightbody) 9:54
Rivers-UNB (roughing) 1:50, McArthur-UNB (trip) 4:21, Johnson-STU (holding) 11:00, Rivers-UNB (roughing double minor)/Sands-STU (highsticking, roughing) 11:38
Shots on Goal
STU 12 18 6 = 36
UNB 15 9 15 = 39
UNB, Greg Scott
STU, Stu Dunn
Referee: Chuck McTague
Linesmen: Ted Gaudet, Brad Jenkin

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