Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #6

Wednesday Jan. 28th, 1998 vs STU Tommies
UNB Win 6-2
Coaches: Mike Kelly (UNB) & Derryl Smith (STU)

Game Recap

STU never really had a chance in this game. Ken Carroll came up big 2-3 times in the early part of the game due to UNB jitters, but UNB settled in and scored 4 straight goals to end the period 4-0. It was then 6-1 by the end of the second. A quit third would see STU scoring a loan goal to finsh the game at 6-2. UNB would improve its record to 20-2.

UNB's first four goals were netted by Peter MacKellar and Ryan Lindsay (a pair each). UNB's top line was quite this night (MacLean, Andrews and Lang), but the other lines 1B and 1C picked up where they had left off.

"We ere getting used to the bigger crowd and there was a level of excitement for everyone," said MacKellar.

"It's gratifying to see the guys come out in the first period." said reds' coach Mike Kelly. "We were tight at the start, but we fought through it and maintained a high level of energy throughout the first. We backed off a bit from our game in the latter part of the game ... We gave up 40 shots and that's far too many."

"It's a big game," said Kelly. "I've never been in a situation wher I've felt like I did the past couple of days. I've been in Game Sevens and been in situations ... been in a number of different situations. And I've never felt the stress like I did. You want to do well... And you want to win for Mark."

"Reds Earn This One on Merit" written by Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score

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