Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #5

Wednesday Jan. 29th, 1997 vs STU Tommies
UNB Win 3-2
Coaches: Mike Kelly (UNB) & Al MacAdam (STU)

Game Recap

The biggest scene, and turning point of the game, was when Pat Powers ran UNB goalie Ken Carroll. Powers had just finished serving a penalty and after leaving the penalty box was pressuring Carroll who was playing a cleared puck. Powers collided with Ken, knocking Ken over and leaving him injurered on the ice for a few minutes, and turned around to face the wrath of those UNB players on the ice. Jason Campbell oblidged Powrs and both were ejected for fighting.

UNB had missed scoring on five straight powerplays up until then with 1:32 as 5-on-3, but STU had already scored to take a 0-1 lead - 1:16 into the game.

UNB would score two goals, 3 minutes appart, before the end of the second period by Jason Campeau and Bill Lang who had only been declared eligible the day before. STU would tie the game at the end of the second, but UNB would take the lead in the third and hold onto the win.

"I saw us out there before the AUAA championship on the ice, and it got a little emotional. I saw Jim and Andy and I thought 'This really is it.' When Mark passed away, I wasn't in the city on a daily basis. But tonight it sort of hit homes. And it hits a little hardware, I guess."

"When he nailed our goalie, I think that was the turning point," Campeau said. "We said 'No one does that to our team and no one's gonna get away with that.' And that's when we came out and started firing on all cylinders."

"I would like to think that was the turning point," said Kelly. "We really challenged the guys. I said ' Boys, we've all heard this story before.' We talked before the game about how we're going to have to show our discipline. And it's one thing to show discipline. But I htink just responding for a teammate made a big difference. You never like to see it, but we had a guy who saw something he didn't like. And it was something that had to be answered."

"Powers Lowering Boom On Carroll Precipitates Red Alert" written by Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score

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