Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #3

Wenesday January 26th vs STU Tommies
UNB Wins 5-4
Coaches: Danny Grant (UNB) & Al MacAdam (STU)

Game Recap

One of the best examples of a classic UNB-STU matchup, scoring, penalties, hits and last minute heroics. The Mark Jeffrey Memorial game would return to the original format of UNB playing STU after having playing to a 6-0 loss to Acdia the previous year.

UNB would take a one goal lead 5 times in the game, but it wasn't until 19:59 of the third did UNB have the victory sealed. Both sides capitalized on power-play opportunities - UNB with two and STU with three.

UNB openned the scoring in the second minute of the first period on a goal by Bill Wright. STU countered 4 minutes later on the power-play. Both teams would trade goals before Todd Sparks would give UNB the lead going into the second.

UNB dominated the second period with 21 shots, but the story was the steller play of STU goalie Johnny Lorenzo who stopped all 21 shots. STU was able to tie the game at the midway point on the power-play.

UNB took the lead at the 14 minute mark only to have STU come back two minuites later. Derek Cormier had been stoned by Johnny on a breakaway attempt earlier in the period, but with seconds left on the clock - Todd Sparks took out Pat Cloutier leaving the puck on Kelly Reed's stick, over to Mike Cavanagh who feed a breakaway pass to Derek Cormier. With 5 seconds left - Derek made it from UNB's blueline down the ice to deak Johnny for the win, beating the buzzer and sending the UNB fans into a frenzy.

"When I came here four years ago, when Mike Johnston was recruting me, I got to spend a weekend with Mark and he was such a comfortable person to talk to. I remember when I first arrived we went to The Keg for dinner. Mark made you feel so welcome. It was such a sad loss. Even though I didn't get to know him as well over a long period of time, for that short period of time ... anyone who knew Mark Jeffrey can relate to what I'm saying."

"It was the type of game that Mark Jeffrey would have enjoyed playing in himself." Grant said... "It was a grinding game. A lot of guys took some big hits out there. A lot of guys had to dig down and find something a little extra because there wasn't a lot of room."

"...I guess there was five seconds left but no one was yelling at me. I didn't know what I was going to do. I just said to myself 'I'm not going to miss this one.' I kind of gave him the fake and came back to the forehand and managed to beat the buzzer". Red Devils coach Danny Grant put it best: "Derek's probably the only guy on either team who could get the puck from where he got it and down to the other end of the ice in three seconds."

"Buzzer Beater Gives Reds Battle Of The Hill" written by Bruce Hallihan of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score
First Period
1. UNB, Wright (Reed, Simpson) 1:07
2. STU, Cloutier (Weir) 4:50 (pp)
3. UNB, Burkitt (Knesaurek) 9:06 (pp)
4. STU, Rupnow (Weir) 14:36
5. UNB, Sparks (Cavanagh, Knesaurek) 17:48
Sparks-UNB (high-stick) 2:58, Sherstenka-UNB (interference) 5:12, Gaffer-STU/Lehman-STU (cross-check) 8:41, Knesaurek-UNB (rough) 9:51, Sparks-UNB (cross-cehck) 12:26, Lehman-STU (trip) 16:41, J.Taylor-STU (rough) 19:56
Second Period
6. STU, Gaffer (Kucera) 9:41 (pp)
Joy-STU (high-stick)/Lorenzo-STU (misconduct served by Bondy) 1:43, Lorenzo-STU (rough served by Wood) 4:49, Ryan-UNB (slash) 8:01, Bissonnette-STU/Simpson-UNB (rough) 12:17, J.Taylor-STU (trip) 15:04, Black-STU (cross-check) 17:31, Bissonnette-STU (slash) 18:34, Joy-STU (misconduct) 19:42
Third Period
7. UNB, Burkitt (Sparks, Knesaurek) 12:19
8. STU, Bissonnette (Bondy) 16:24 (pp)
9. UNB, Cormier (Cavanagh, Reed) 19:59
Cormier-UNB (interference) 1:41, Nadeau-UNB (charge) 14:54, Cloutier-STU (game misconduct) 20:00
Shots on Goal
STU 8 8 12 = 28
UNB 11 21 15 = 47
UNB, Jason Payne
STU, Johnny Lorenzo
Referee: Bob Simonds
Linesmen: Tim Blizzard, Ted Gaudet

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