Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #2

Sunday November 7th, 1993 vs Acadia Axemen
UNB Loses game 6-0
Coaches: Mike Johnston (UNB) & Tom Coolen (ACD)

Game Recap

The second Mark Jeffrey Memorial game was played against UNB's nemises of the past 2 years, Acadia. UNB has lost to Acadia in the AUAA finals only to watch the Axemen go on to a National Title. The importance of the game, in memory of Mark, would hopefully help drive the team to victory.

The game started out slow for UNB and two straight penalties, by Clyde Simmons and Rod Norquay, gave Acadia an easy conversion opportunity to open the scoring. Another goal by Acadia 6 minutes later gave the Axemen a two goal lead at the end of the first.

The second period started with UNB having 3 straigh power plays, but Acadia would captilize short-handed - Clancy scored on UNB's second power play to give Acadia a three goal lead. Acadia kept UNB goalie, Mark Dawkins, busy with 23 shots in the period, scoring on 4 occasions to end the second period with a six goal lead (1 short handed, 2 power-play and one even strength). UNB only had 13 shots for the period.

There was no scoring in the third with Acadia taking a number of uneccessary penalties at the end of the period that UNB couldn't break the shout-out on. UNB only had 6 shots in the period as Acadia's defensive dominance shined through.

"We had a good atmosphere in the dressing room before the game," he (Rob Boldon - Merit Award Recipent) said. "everybody was ready. Guys were loose, yet they were still thinking about the game. But we just didn't carry it on the ice. We weren't following through on our checks and they're a strong team."
"Once they sense a little blood," Boldon added, "they really go in for the kill."

"We've been up and down," said Axemen coach Tom Coolen, "but certainly today we were up. We were ready to roll and perhaps we got a good wakeup call by Mount A. last night." (Acadia game back from 1-3 at the end of the second to end the game tied 3-3, despite outshooting the Mounties 59-15 overall and 29-1 in the third).

"Red-Faced UNBers In Jeffrey Game - Axemen Domiante AUHC tilt" written by Bruce Hallihan of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score
First Period
1. ACD, Dennis (MacFarlane) 6:29 (pp)
2. ACD, Weaver (Dennis) 12:16
Simmons-UNB (elbow major) 2:32, Norquay-UNB (high-stick) 3:08, Weaver-ACD (elbow) 7:45, Dawson-ACD/Peach-UNB (unsportsmanlike conduct) 11:30, Dawson-ACD/Still-UNB (high-stick) 16:49, Dawson-ACD (leaving bench) 20:00
Second Period
3. ACD, Clancy (MacLeod, Dragicevic) 8:23 (sh)
4. ACD, Dennis (MacFarlane, O'Reilly) 14:40 (pp)
5. ACD, Dennis (MacFarlane, Dragicevic) 18:09 (pp)
6. ACD, Burns (Dawson, Fraser) 19:06
Dennis-ACD (rough) 4:55, O'Reilly-ACD (hold) 6:30, Dragicevic (hold) 12:03, Sparks-UNB (elbow) 13:21, Simmons-UNB (hook) 16:32
Third Period
No Scoring
O'Donnell-UNB/Dawson-ACD (high-stick, rough), Knopp-ACD/Boland-UNB (rough) 5:00, Culihall-ACD (hook) 11:51, Knesaurek-UNB (hook) 13:06, Dawson-ACD (high-stick) 13:41, O'Donnell-UNB (slash) 16:46, Dawson-ACD (slash, game ejection for third stick penalty) 17:24, MacFarlane-ACD (slash) 19:08, Fraser-ACD (rough) 19:27.
Shots on Goal
ACD 19 23 12 = 54
UNB 7 13 6 = 26
UNB, Mark Dawkins
ACD, Dennis Sproxton
Referee: Glenn Hurley
Linesmen: Tim Blizzard, Ken Oliver

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