Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game #1

Friday November 22nd, 1991 vs STU Tommies
UNB Wins game 8-4
Coaches: Mike Johnston (UNB) & Al MacAdam (STU)

Game Recap

The first Mark Jeffrey Memorial game saw the Red Devils, in front of a sold out AUC, score 5 straight goales, after spotting STU a 0-2 lead, and rolled over the Tommies on their way to a 8-4 victory.

STU openned the scoring early in the first period on two power-play goals by Thompson and Kucera. Then UNB put the pressure on and went on a three goal scoring spree that flushed starting STU goalie Shane Corston (Gord Christian (2) and Rob Knesaurek). The change didn't stop UNB from scoring 2 more goals on Stephan Gaudet in the early part of the second to take a 5-2 lead (Karl Taylor and Neil Hawryluk).

STU countered with two more power-play goals only to have UNB jump back into the game with a late second period goal by Gord Christian (his third) to make the score 6-4. That would be as close as STU would get - UNB would score 2 more goals in the third (Ken Murchison and Rob Knesaurek) to finish the scoreing at 8-4.

"Mark Jeffrey motivated people all his life," said Johnston. "He motivated people to come to the arena, he motivated our palyers to play...he was an amazing guy and you can just see what he does to people."

"Guys wanted to win so bad that they really over tried at times," said Johnston. "It's something that you just want so bad that you sometimes go about it the wrong way. But I was glad that we were able to settle down. It was a job that was gonna be done and we were gonna do it and come out of it with a win."

"It affected me quite a bit" admitted Christian. "I know that the guy I was standing beside out there was Joey McTamney and it affected him quite a bit as well. Mike had done a good job preparing us for what was going to happen. He had meetings with the veterans, especially some of the guys who were close to Mark. He prepared us for what was going to happen so it kind of helped. But it's hard...every time you look at the banner, you're gonna think of Mark Jeffrey and the things that he meant to you. It's a great tribute to the man."

"Inspired Devils Win Over Rival Tommies" written by Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner

Box Score
First Period
1. STU, Thompson (Rupnow, MacTavish) 2:23 (pp)
2. STU, Kucera (Thompson, Grant) 9:57 (pp)
3. UNB, Christian (MacPherson, Lessif) 10:32
4. UNB, Christian (Scanlon) 17:20
5. UNB, Knesaurek (Wilson, Colvin) 19:48
Boland-UNB (slashing) 2:18, Colvin-UNB (elbowing) 4:00, Forestall-STU (roughing) 7:00, Nystrom-UNB (elbowing) 8:26, Nystrom-UNB (interference) 11:53, Wright-STU (interference) 14:58
Second Period
6. UNB, Taylor (Nystrom, Colvin) 0:56
7. UNB, Hawryluk (Niro, Colvin) 5:00
8. STU, Thompson (MacTavish, Grant) 9:08 (pp)
9. STU, Rupnow (Thompson, Grant) 18:53 (pp)
10. UNB, Christian (Wilson) 19:23
Hawryluk-UNB (checking from behind) 2:11, Wilson-UNB (tripping) 5:29, St. Amand-UNB (checking from behind-major, game misconduct) 8:35, Richard-STU (highsticking) 14:04, Wright-STU/Murchison-UNB (roughing) 17:35, Knesaurek-UNB (elbowing) 18:31
Third Period
11. UNB, Murchison (Cavanaugh, Somers) 0:57
12. UNB, Knesaurek (Hawryluk, Landine) 13:47
Joy-STU (elbowing) 3:43, Richard-STU (elbowing), Boland-UNB (slashing) 8:41
Shots on Goal
STU 9 12 9 = 30
UNB 14 9 12 = 35
UNB, Chris Somers (60:00)
STU, Shane Corston (20:00)
STU, Stephen Gaudet (40:00)
Referee: Don Gaudet
Linesmen: Yvon Arsenault, Jeff Hanson

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