1998 Championship Ring

As a memento to their success of becoming National Champions, and to the honour and prestige that it brought to the University - each member of the team was presented with a custom crafted Championship ring. There were 31 members of the team that received rings with an additional ring being minted for Chancellor Fredrik Eaton, the primary funder of the Ring Project.

Daryl Rivers and Dax MacLean with their rings

It's heavy metal. Heavy. Ten karat gold,
it was designed by Jostens representative Pat Tyre and former coach Mike Kelly.
The face of the ring has a dominating V with Reds scripted on the face, with a diamond encrusted above the
script. Encircling the surface is script which reads 1998 National Champions. On one side is a caricature of
the Unversity Cup, while the other commemorates the first step in the process, the AUAA championship.
The player's name and number is on the side as well.

by Bill Hunt, The Daily Gleaner, October 26, 1998


Mike Kelly - Head Coach
Brad Shepard & Karl Taylor - Assistant Coaches
Dr. Ross Myers - Team Doctor
Shane Farrah - Team Manager
Dr. David Scott - Sport Psychologist
Joe Glenn - Athletic Therapist
Wade Yeo - Trainer

Daryl Rivers - CaptainBill Lang - Assistant Captain
Jason Campbell - Assistant CaptainChris Zanutto - Assistant Captain
Jeff AndrewsDamien Bloye
Pete MacKellarJason Campeau
Scott CherreyDax MacLean
Ken CarrollCraig Minard
Kirk GormleyKyle Quinn
Todd ShupeJeff Wilson
Ryan NaismithRyan Lindsay
Ryan BurgoyneChris Van Dyk
Brian StewartTyson Flinn
Jim Born - UNB Athletic Director

Fredrik S. Eaton, O.C. - UNB Chancellor

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