UNB Hockey's All Decade Teams - The 1990s

First Team: (l-r) (F) - Dax MacLean, Todd Sparks & Toby Burkitt - (D) Mike Cavanagh & Chris Zanutto - (G) Ken Carroll

Second Team: (l-r) (F) - Trevor Boland, Jeff Andrews & Derek Cormier - (D) Craig Minard & Daryl Rivers - (G) Francois LeBlanc

(UNB Athletics Press Release - February 22nd, 2011)

The CIS Nationals Legacy Committee in conjunction with UNB’s hosting of the 2011 and 2012 CIS Hockey Championships and the 225th celebration of the University of New Brunswick is pleased to celebrate the rich tradition of the UNB Hockey program by recognizing six “All-Decade” teams. This selection process will be held over the next two years and will recognize the top twelve all-time players of each decade or era at UNB. The process includes fan interactive voting in combination with a committee voting process.

The past two months, fans have voted on the “All Decade” team of the 1990’s. This era was special for UNB Hockey and set a new standard for excellence which included a silver medal at the 1997 University Cup, a best ever UNB performance, and then the programs first National Championship the next year in 1998. The UNB 1990’s “All-Decade” team includes:

The UNB 1980’s “All-Decade” team includes:

First Team
Forwards: Dax MacLean, Todd Sparks & Toby Burkitt
Defence: Mike Cavanagh & Chris Zanutto
Goal: Ken Carroll

Second Team
Forwards: Trevor Boland, Jeff Andrews & Derek Cormier
Defence: Craig Minard & Daryl Rivers
Goal: Francois LeBlanc

Honourable mention (F): Peter MacKellar, Ryan Bourgoyne & Jason Campeau
Honourable mention (D): Kelly Reed, Dan Sherstenka & Chris Nadeau

According to committee chair David Kilfoil, "There was a lot of real close voting on this group, especially considering at the end of this decade UNB won their first hockey silver medal in 1997, followed of course by their first University Cup championship in 1998. Those championship players understandably dominated fan voting."

The members of the UNB Hockey All-Decade Teams will be recognized during the upcoming University Cup March 24-27.

(L) The All-Decade teams plaques displayed outside UNB's dressing room. (R) The 90's plaque.


Due to a larger pool of all-stars for this decade, the quantity of candidates was extended from 24 to 31 (3 more forwards and 4 more defence).
Here are the other 19 all-star players that were up for consideration:

Forwards Defence Goal
Ken Murchison
Murray Nystrom
Bill Wright
Jason Campeau
Jamie Colvin
Rob Knesaurek
Peter MacKellar
Ryan Burgoyne
Jason Campbell
Rob Boldon
Rob Hegberg
Nadeau Chris
Kelly Reed
Dan Sherstenka
Wade Simpson
Brian Stewart
Chris van Dyke
Chris Somers
Greg Reid

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