Top 8 Academic All-Canadian

Each CIS/USPORTS Athletics program puts forth their best male and female academic candidates
to represent the conference. From these candidates only two will be selected (1 male & 1 female),
from each conference, for a total of eight athletes (two from AUS, OUA-E, OUA-W & Canada West) to attend the Top 8 Gala
hosted by the Governor-general, in Ottawa, at Rideau Hall.

Each of the lucky candidates receives a commorative plaque
for being selected as a Top 8 Academic All-Canadian.

Adrian Robertson (UNB-Hockey) and Gov. Gen. David Johnston (2014)

2015 - Alex Wall (nominee)    
2014 - Adrian Robertson       
2008 - Denny Johnson (nominee)
2007 - Colin Sinclair         

Academic All-Canadians

'Academic All-Canadian' is a designatation for a student athlete
who has acheived an academic average of 80% or better
while playing on one of their university's varsity teams.

2005-06 Reg Bourcier (G)
Jesse Ferguson
William Johnston
Colin Sinclair
Kyle Werner
2004-05 Reg Bourcier (G)
Gene Chiarello (G)
William Johnston
Craig Mahon
Colin Sinclair
Troy Stonier
2003-04 Reg Bourcier (G)
Rob Hegberg
William Johnston
Scott Markowsky
Colin Sinclair
Calvin Watson
2002-03 Dave Geris
Troy Stonier
Calvin Watson
2001-02 Dave Geris
Michael Mazzuca
Matthew Miller
2000-01 Tyson Flinn
Michael Mazzuca
Calvin Watson
1999-00 Fern Thorpe
Calvin Watson
1998-99 Chris Zanutto
1997-98 Ryan Naismith
Chris Zanutto
1996-97 -none-
1995-96 Trevor Boland
Bill Wright
Chris Zanutto
1994-95 Robert Knesaurek
Todd Sparks
Alastair Stills
1993-94 Mark Dawkins
Robert Knesaurek
Greg Reid
Todd Sparks
Alastair Still
1992-93 Greg Reid (G)
Alastair Still
Brian Wilson
1991-92 James Landine
Greg Reid (G)
1990-91 Murray Nystrom

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